The Yellow Bench

The first few years my husband and I were married, my mother-in-law would get all the girls together and we would craft. Usually with wood of some sort. One year we made benches. Mine has been on my porch and other various places. A few years ago I decided to lighten things up and I painted my bench bright yellow and some second hand chairs blue, red and green. I was given a simple table and my daughter painted it red with a checkerboard on the top. When I started taking pictures of my dolls, I was told outside has the best lighting. I found the bench to be my favorite place to take pictures!

This year all my colorful porch decor had to be put away for our Christmas lights display, and I just got it out again today! My bench and chairs are falling apart a little, and I’ve been told it’s better to take pictures with a white background, but I love it so much that as often as I can, I’ll still be using the yellow bench as my background!

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