Free Pattern – Mick the Baby Monkey and Bob the Baby Bear

This week I am participating in the Crochet Toy Drive. I have a new pattern to share with you and it will be free here on my website! If you would like the pdf version, you can pick that up in Ravelry for $1. That version has a bunch of progress pictures.


  • ch – chain
  • st(s) – stitch(es)
  • sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • inc – increase (sc 2 times in the next stitch)
  • dec – decrease (stitch next 2 stitches together)
  • hdc dec – half double crochet decrease (hdc the next 2 sts together)
  • hdc inc – half double crochet increase (hdc 2 times in the next stitch)
  • 3sc – 3 sc in next st
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sk – skip chain or stitch
  • sp – space
  • BLO – back loop only
  • FLO – front loop only
  • R – round
  • [ ] – repeat work as directed
  • ( ) – number of sts you should have at the end of the round
  • FO – finish off
  • MR – magic ring

Before you begin

  • This amigurumi/plush is worked in continuous rounds. Mark the beginning of each round with a stitch marker.
  • Use the “magic ring” when starting rounds. There are many youtube videos teaching how to make a magic ring or magic circle.
  • Gauge is not important in this project as long as you are consistent with your tension.
  • TIP: Always change colors in the stitch BEFORE the color change by pulling the new color through the 2 loops, thus beginning with the correct color on your hook.
  • Exact colors used are listed in italics in the “Supplies” section. Some photos will not be the correct color.
  • This project is made with all sc stitches unless otherwise specified.


  • Worsted Weight [4] in colors listed below
  • Main Color (Body) Hobby Lobby I Love This Yarn: Amethyst [150 yds]
      Red Heart: Spring Green
  • Light Color (Belly, Toes, Snout) Caron One Pound: Lilac [15 yds]
    Impeccable: Soft Fern
  • Dark Color (Nose) [scrap]
  • White Felt
  • 2 – 15mm plastic safety eyes
  • Crochet hook size F/5 (3.75mm)
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Fiberfill or stuffing of choice

Arm – make 2

With Main Color
R1: MR sc 6R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: [inc, sc 1] x6 (18)
R4-8: sc 18
R9: [dec, sc 7] x2 (16)
R10: [dec, sc 6] x2 (14)
R11: [dec, sc 5] x2 (12)
R12-14: sc 12
Stuff. Don’t stuff much at the top of the arm.
Flatten, sc 5 through both layers. (5)
FO, hide end.

Foot – make 2

With Light Color
R1: MR sc 6
R2: inc x6 (12)
Change to Main Color.
R3: [inc, sc 1] x6 (18)
R4: [inc, sc 2] x6 (24)
R5: BLO sc 24
R6-8: sc 24
R9: [dec, sc 6] x3 (21)
R10: [dec, sc 5] x3 (18)
R11-12: sc 18
FO, hide end. Stuff.


With Main Color
R1: Pick up both legs, insert hook in middle stitches and sc legs together, sc in next stitch also, joining them well in the middle (2). The joining 2 sc’s will not count in your stitch count. The next stitch you make will be in the leg on your left and this will be the beginning stitch so place your stitch marker here. Continue around left leg and then go around right leg. You want to be working from the back. (32)
R2: [inc, sc 7] x4 (36)
R3: [inc, sc 8] x4 (40)
R4-8: sc 40
R9: [dec, sc 8] x4 (36)
R10: [dec, sc 7] x4 (32)
R11: sc 3, [dec, sc 6] x3, dec, sc 3 (28)
R12: [dec, sc 5] x4 (24)
R13: sc 5, place arm next to body. Sc 5 through arm and body. Sc 7, place remaining arm next to body. Sc 5 through arm and body, sc 2 (24)
R14: BLO [dec, sc 2] x6 (18)
R15: [dec, sc 1] x6 (12)
R16: dec x6 (6)
FO, leave 8” end. Use end to sew hole. Hide end.


With Main Color
Join yarn to 1st st in front loops left over from working in back loops on R14.
R1: sc 24
R2: [inc, sc 3] x6 (30)
R3: sc 2, [inc, sc 4] x5, inc, sc 2 (36)
R4: [inc, sc 5] x6 (42)
R5: sc 3, [inc, sc 6] x5, inc, sc 3 (48)
R6: sc 19, inc x3, sc 14, inc x3, sc 9 (54)
R7-11: sc 54
R12: sc 20, dec x3, sc 14, dec x3, sc 8 (48)
R13: sc 48
R14: [dec, sc 6] x6 (42)
R15-17: sc 42
R18: [dec, sc 5] x6 (36)
If making bear, cut circles of felt about the size of a penny. Insert 15mm eyes into felt and into head between R13-14, 2 sts apart. If making monkey eyes are in next step.
R19: sc 2, [dec, sc 4] x5, dec, sc 2 (30)
R20: [dec, sc 3] x6 (24)
R21: [dec, sc 2] x6 (18)
R22: [dec, sc 1] x6 (12)
R23: dec x6 (6)
FO, leave 8” end. Use end to sew hole. Hide end.


With Light Color
R1: MR sc 6
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: [inc, sc 1] x6 (18)
R4: [inc, sc 2] x6 (24)
R5: inc, sc 7, in next st: (hdc, dc, hdc), sc 6, in next st: (hdc, dc, hdc), sc 7, inc (30)
FO, leave 18” end. Use end to sew to belly with beginning of MR at neck area.

Monkey Eye – make 2

With Light Color
R1: MR sc 6 Do not tighten ring.
R2: inc sc x2, inc hdc x2, inc sc x2 (12)
FO, leave 12” end.
Cut circles of felt about the size of a penny. Insert 15mm eyes into felt. Insert into center of MR.
Use end to sew eyes to head with safety eyes between R13-14 and crochet eye part touching.


With Light Color
R1: MR sc 6
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: [sc 3, inc 3] x2 (18)
R4: sc 3, [inc, sc 1] x3, sc 3, [inc, sc 1] x3 (24)
R5: sc 3, [inc, sc 2] x3, sc 3, [inc, sc 2] x3 (30)
R6-9: sc 30
R10: [dec, sc 3] x6 (24)
FO, leave 18” end. Stuff. Use end to sew muzzle to face just below eyes.
Use dark color to stitch nose holes.

Monkey Ear – make 2

With Main Color
R1: MR sc 6
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: [inc, sc 1] x6 (18)
R4: [inc, sc 2] x6 (24)
R5: [inc, sc 3] x6 (30)
R6-11: sc 30
R12: [dec, sc 3] x6 (24)
R13: sc 24
R14: [dec, sc 2] x6 (18)
FO, leave 12” end. Set aside.

Monkey Inner Ear – make 2

With Light Color
R1: MR sc 6
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: [inc, sc 1] x6 (18)
R4: [inc, sc 2] x6 (24)
FO, leave 12” end. Sew Inner Ear to Ear.
Sew Ear to head at R13-17 counting down from top of head.

Monkey Tail

With Main Color
R1: MR sc 6
R2-30: sc 6
FO, leave 6” end. Use end to sew to back.

Bear Nose

With Dark Color
R1: MR sc 6
R2: inc, in next st: (dc, hdc), sl st 2, in next st: (hdc, dc), inc (10)
FO, leave 12” end. Use end to stitch to Muzzle.

Bear Ear – make 2

With Main Color
R1: MR sc 6
R2: inc x6 (12)
R3: [inc, sc 1] x6 (18)
R4-6: sc 18
R7: [dec, sc 1] x6 (12)
FO, leave 12” end. Set aside.

Bear Inner Ear – make 2

With Light Color
R1: MR sc 4, do not join
R2: ch 1, turn, inc x4 (8)
FO, leave 12” end. Sew Inner Ear to Ear.
Sew Ear to head at R4-8 counting down from top of head.

Bear Tail

With Main Color
Make a pom pom and sew it on.
Insert 3” piece of main color, in top of head and split ends to create hair.

Copyright Info

Thank you for purchasing my pattern! I worked very hard on designing and writing this, so please do not copy, alter, share or upload this pattern anywhere. Please contact me if you have obtained this pattern anywhere other than directly from me. You have worked hard on your finished item and may use pieces made with this pattern for non-commercial and commercial purposes. Commercial permission includes online handmade communities/shops, local craft fairs, etc. Commercial permission does not include mass market or factory production of any kind. Please do not claim this pattern, design, or the pictures in it as your own. The only thing I ask is a clear designer credit to Mary Smith or Made by Mary and a link back to my Ravelry shop.

Brandon the Bumblebee

Meet Brandon the Bumblebee!! Now I do NOT typically like insects at all! In fact, insects are one of my main stressers in the summer. But this fun little guy is about 9″ tall sitting and a fantastic and cuddly little guy! He’s the perfect size for a hug!

Now through April 7, get Brandon the Bumblebee 30% off in my Ravelry shop, no coupon code is required! Just add him to your cart and the discount will automatically apply at checkout.

Brandon is the first in a series of insects! He is a fun spring or summer toy or decoration! Watch for more fun buddies of his coming your way!

Bunny on a Carrot Wall Hanging

Here’s my latest pattern! It’s a super fun bunny on a carrot wall hanging! I had so much fun designing this one! It’s about 16.5″ long, but works up very fast! You have plenty of time before Easter to make one or two!

The pattern is on sale 30% off now through April 5 in my Ravelry shop, no coupon code required!

Here are some of my testers wall hangings!

Lisa Myszka Hudson of LMH Creates made this one!

Becky Mueller made this sweet wall hanging!

Kimberly Neubauer made this one!

And Leanne Lewis of Leanne’s Loopy Creations made this one!

If you make one, I would love to see it! You can post a picture in Ravelry or on my Facebook page! Happy Crafting!!

April Crochet-a-Long!

We are getting ready for the April crochet-a-long in my CAL group!! The theme for the month of April is “Try Something New!” My sweet admin, Lashele of Lil’ Miss Monkey Doodles is leading the fun.

Since this is Lashele’s first time hosting a CAL she decided to make it a “first” CAL. The patterns she has chosen may challenge some of you as it may be a “first” time doing the stitch, yarn, etc. The patterns are Azure the Winter Sprite, Lamb Noggin Pal & Winkie the Elf Noggin Pal (my first Noggin pattern.) Can you see a pattern 😉? Hopefully you will challenge yourself with something new & you will play along.

Also during the month Lashele will be doing a fun game/giveaway. Every day she will post a question in the group. All the answers can be found in the group, Made by Mary Facebook page, here on this website or my Ravelry page. Some will be easy & some you may have to search for. These questions will be open for 24hrs. The top 5 with the most correct answers will win a pattern of choice from my pattern shop!

Now through April 12, all three patterns are on sale 40% off with coupon code: TRYSOMETHINGNEW.

So are you ready to Crochet-a-Long??? Here is April’s schedule:

Azure the Sprite
April 3-9: face, eyes, ears and antlers
April 10-16: body
April 17-23: legs & arms
April 24-30: tail & finish up

Lamb Noggin Pal
April 3-9: face muzzle, ears, bow
April 10-16: head (body)
April 17-23: arms & legs
April 24-30: tail & finish off

Winkie the Elf Noggin Pal
April 3-9: nose & ears
April 10-16: body
April 17-23: legs & arms
April 24-30: hat & finish up.

Make sure you put your pictures in each album in the CAL group on time so you can be entered in the weekly prize drawings! We hope to see you for the fun!!!

Beatrix the Bird

Meet Beatrix the Bird! She is so much fun to hold and cuddle, and she is a great spring decoration! Just in time for Easter! The pattern comes with instructions to make the bird, bird bath and flowers! My testers made so many fun colored birds!

Lisa Myszka Hudson of LMH Creates, made the sweet tropical bird.

Deanna Albon of Hey Can You Crochet Me A…, made a cute pink bird!

Kimberly Neubauer made hers into a Robin!  I love all the fun possibilities with this pattern! You can pick up the pattern in my Ravelry shop now through March 24 on sale 30% off, no coupon code required!

The Yellow Bench

The first few years my husband and I were married, my mother-in-law would get all the girls together and we would craft. Usually with wood of some sort. One year we made benches. Mine has been on my porch and other various places. A few years ago I decided to lighten things up and I painted my bench bright yellow and some second hand chairs blue, red and green. I was given a simple table and my daughter painted it red with a checkerboard on the top. When I started taking pictures of my dolls, I was told outside has the best lighting. I found the bench to be my favorite place to take pictures!

This year all my colorful porch decor had to be put away for our Christmas lights display, and I just got it out again today! My bench and chairs are falling apart a little, and I’ve been told it’s better to take pictures with a white background, but I love it so much that as often as I can, I’ll still be using the yellow bench as my background!

New Pattern! Rascal the Raccoon

Winter has been long and cold this year! We have had so much snow and I have loved every minute of it! Springtime is rolling around now and so are those lovely spring showers! Rascal the Raccoon is totally ready for spring and those rain showers with his trusty umbrella and fun rain jacket! His rain jacket is removable so he can catch some rays if the sun comes out! Now through March 17, Rascal is on sale in my Ravelry shop 30% off making the pattern $3.50! No coupon code is required, just add him to your cart!